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School of Business Administration, University of Miami
Students are attracted to the University of Miami School of Business for its unique location, flexible curriculum and outstanding professional growth opportunities. More than 15 countries are represented in the fall 2010 class. The diversity of the student body in a city known as a global business portal contributes to an outstanding learning environment. Not only are students part of one of the largest alumni networks of any business school, they study among the most qualified students and learn from one of the most distinguished faculties in the world. UM's Full-time MBA program is a 56-c MORE DETAILS

♦ Average GMAT Score: 638

♦ % Female Students: 38

♦ % International Student Ratio: 32

♦ Average Salary: 59000

♦ Average Years Work: 2

♦ Accredited by: AACSB

♦ Average Programme Duration: 21

♦ School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid ?: Yes

♦ Application Fee: USD100

♦ Minimum GMAT Score required?: Yes

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: 76800

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